Monday, September 22, 2008

5 Path Hypnosis Courses - Refining Hypnotherapy Skills

Most hypnotherapist training colleges and schools worldwide offer an effective and solid basis from which to launch your career as a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist. It is in their own interest to do so as their reputations in the form of “word of mouth” marketing from satisfied students boost next year’s student intake.

Although all schools will provide standard pillars of being a hypnotherapist such as it’s history and development, how to induce hypnosis and give appropriate suggestions and
specific strategies for specific client issues, some hypnosis schools have a particular focus to their courses.

Often depending on the school’s owner or lead trainer, will guide the focus of the syllabus. For instance a trainer who finds that an Ericksonian approach to client sessions is the best will often provide specific training with this approach in mind. Other hypnosis trainers and instructors may, from their own experience, believe every client needs to be regressed to the initial causal event that triggered their presenting problem and will train the students to adopt this approach. Other hypnotherapy school may advocate a form of free association such as hypnoanalysis.

The interesting fact is that all these different approaches have their successes. Some schools will cover all of the approaches rather than guiding students to a specific type of hypnotherapy.

All hypnotherapists recognise that training does not stop after graduation from their first hypnotherapy training course. Competence requires that hypnotherapists attend other courses to keep their skills honed and up to date and to add to the approaches they can utilise in client sessions.

Some schools therefore offer, what they often describe as “advanced hypnosis” training. This usually means that they are offering that further training to graduate or experienced students to help them become even more successful in practice.

Once form of advanced training that has acquired a good reputation amongst experienced hypnotherapists worldwide is Cal Banyan’s 5 Path Hypnosis Training courses. The 5 Path approach gives a structured and yet highly flexible approach to helping any client. The structure also seems to boost the hypnotherapist’s confidence in handling virtually any issue that a client presents.

The 5-Path training can be taken by live classroom or via a set of 10 DVDs. Yet whatever form of 5 Path training you opt for, it can be good to know that the support in place for certified “5-Pathers” is excellent. Supervision by telephone is also provided and really helps to come up to steam quickly with this hypnosis training. An egroup is both lively and supportive.

For any hypnotherapist, new or old, who can admit that they need to add to their therapeutic toolbox, the 5 Path approach to client sessions can really add a tremendous amount to a successful hypnotherapy business.

5 Path Hypnosis School

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hypnotherapy Business During the Credit Crunch

Businesses of any size are going through nervous times during this period called the credit crunch right now. As customers lose confidence in the economy and stable goods become more expensive consumers are cutting back on luxuries and watching the pennies.

It seems that no industry is being left untouched by the current financial tremors. Let's face it if AIG, a multi-billion pound insurance business can get into trouble, than other smaller businesses can do too. One thing is for sure, the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England cannot step in every time a business is on the brink of collapsing. Lehman brothers is an example of that.

So what does this mean to the smaller businesses that exist in the millions around the world? From New York to London, Paris to Sydney, small businesses must be worried and wondering how deep and long any possible down turn in spending will be.

The same is true for the business of self-development such as hypnotherapy. Most often these businesses are "one man" businesses. Most hypnotherapists provide one to one sessions and the fees they earn add up to their salary and enable them to pay the bills.

Any drop in client numbers can have a dramatic and immediate effect on a hypnotherapist's lifestyle. This is why it is vital for any hypnotherapist to continue to market themselves even in a downturn.

To this end Steven Harold is pleased to announce the expansion of his popular hypnotherapy directory. Originally this directory of UK hypnotherapists only covered 12 southeast England based counties. Steven has now expanded its reach to include Wales and many northern counties. In total another 15 counties have been added.

The new expanded directory can be found at UK Hypnotherapists Directory

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Hypnotherapy for Healthy Eating and Weight Control

Sometimes physical adjustments to our lifestyle, such as watching what you eat, are not successful in isolation. Often the emotions play a big part in what to do and how we feel are what we do.

Sussex and Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Florence Mackay helps people to release emotional causes of the problems self-sabotage during weight loss.