Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hypnotherapy Business During the Credit Crunch

Businesses of any size are going through nervous times during this period called the credit crunch right now. As customers lose confidence in the economy and stable goods become more expensive consumers are cutting back on luxuries and watching the pennies.

It seems that no industry is being left untouched by the current financial tremors. Let's face it if AIG, a multi-billion pound insurance business can get into trouble, than other smaller businesses can do too. One thing is for sure, the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England cannot step in every time a business is on the brink of collapsing. Lehman brothers is an example of that.

So what does this mean to the smaller businesses that exist in the millions around the world? From New York to London, Paris to Sydney, small businesses must be worried and wondering how deep and long any possible down turn in spending will be.

The same is true for the business of self-development such as hypnotherapy. Most often these businesses are "one man" businesses. Most hypnotherapists provide one to one sessions and the fees they earn add up to their salary and enable them to pay the bills.

Any drop in client numbers can have a dramatic and immediate effect on a hypnotherapist's lifestyle. This is why it is vital for any hypnotherapist to continue to market themselves even in a downturn.

To this end Steven Harold is pleased to announce the expansion of his popular hypnotherapy directory. Originally this directory of UK hypnotherapists only covered 12 southeast England based counties. Steven has now expanded its reach to include Wales and many northern counties. In total another 15 counties have been added.

The new expanded directory can be found at UK Hypnotherapists Directory


Steven Harold said...

The new counties added are :-

Cheshire Cornwall Derbyshire Devon East Sussex East Yorkshire Gloucestershire Lancashire
Lincolnshire North Yorkshire Shropshire South Yorkshire West Sussex West Midlands West Yorkshire Wiltshire

Ursula James said...

Very well said. A Hypnotherapist must act wisely on such a crisis situation. That too now the global economic situation is very poor. So, act wisely.

Jake Rhodes said...

I run a site that sells hypnosis mp3s alongside clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes. Our business has suffered a little but I feel people are still happy to spend a little money on relaxation and improvement.

The key is to find the right price to entice the customer while still providing top notch service.