Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hypnoanalysis in London

Hypnoanalysis is a different way of working with life issues that has its roots in Freud's psychoanalysis and incorporates the state of hypnosis. Where hypnoanalysis also differs is that the number of sessions is usually around 10. This is considered to be brief therapy compared to other forms of analysis that can continue for years.

Hypnoanalysis sessions are more about you finding the resources to make changes to connections, perceptions, understandings and conclusions to past events with the guidance of the hypnotherapist. Children have a limited understanding of the world and some experiences they have can have a profound effect on them. This effect may not be evident to anyone until in adulthood when they finally accept that something doesn't feel quite right and hence the request for hypnoanalysis sessions.

Often but not always a person seeking hypnoanalysis can't quite put their finger on what is wrong. They may just have a sense or inkling of something. Symptoms of this may be evident in behaviours such as self-sabotaging success in a career or relationships, the need to please everyone, feeling like they might be "found out" (ie. not being good enough for their job) and never being able to believe that anything good is going to last. These are only examples of the thoughts and perceptions that someone can suffer from years or even decades.

The purest form of hypnoanalysis encourages the client to reprocess past understandings and perceptions of others and themselves in ways that support healthy self confidence, robust self esteem and a good sense of self-worth.

Hypnoanalysis in London
Steven Harold, hypnoanalyst based in London provides hypnoanalysis sessions and also gives a free initial consultation.

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