Thursday, November 01, 2012

Virtual Gastric Band Wales

Hypnosis Gastric Band Review

The hypnosis gastric band or virtual gastric band as it is sometime known has been made available to people who have a lot of weight to lose for some time now. Since it's first use by a hypnotherapist in Spain and the national press coverage of it's success many people who have been refused gastric band bypass surgery have turned to the vurtual gastric band

Hypnosis Gastric Band Trials

Experienced Hypnotherapist Nicola Schramm who is based in Wales, ran her her trials with the support of her doctor's surgery. She treated patients using her virtual gastric band hypnosis and all the patient's lost weight.

Hypnosis in Wales

Nicola Schramm offers hypnosis in her Monmouth, Abergavenny and Brecon hypnotherapy clinics.

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Gastric Band Hypnosis works by convincing the subconscious mind that you have actually gone through with a gastric band surgical procedure.